Supporting Bloomingfoods Workers' Right to Organize

This is to notify the community that there is currently an organizing drive to form a union among the 250 workers at our 5 Bloomington Bloomingfoods locations (East, West, Downtown, Elm Heights, Ivy Tech). The right to organize, and to engage in other protected concerted activities to improve conditions in the workplace, is one of the most important principles in U.S. labor relations. Guaranteed under the National Labor Relations Act, specifically Section 7 (please see link below), all covered workers have the right to organize themselves in whatever manner they choose regardless of the opinion or actions of their employer. Under the original intent and spirit of the act, the decision to organize and bargain collectively, or take any other action pursued by two or more workers to improve conditions, should take place without interference by the employer.

As we know, this right has been interfered with, eroded, attacked, diminished, and rendered weak by hostile legislation and by an anti-worker consulting industry that generates billions in profit by interfering with the basic right to organize. Employers large and small have engaged in campaigns of intimidation, harassment, captive audience meetings, threats, and dismissals, all known as unfair labor practices, to prevent workers from exercising their rights. We can make sure this does not happen here.

Bloomingfoods is an important institution in our community, reflective of the basic values of many of our residents who are committed to social justice, equal rights, and sustainability. Let’s make sure Bloomingfoods adheres to these basic principles during this organizing drive.

If you are a member of the Bloomingfoods Co-op, or just a concerned member of our community, we are asking that you support the Bloomingfoods workers in exercising their basic right to organize. We are asking potential supporters to do two things-

1.       Tell Bloomingfoods management and board to maintain strict neutrality while the workers exercise their rights, and to not interfere with the process.

2.       Ensure that no Co-Op funds will be spent on any efforts, including consulting with hostile anti-union law firms that attempt to interfere with the workers’ exercise of their basic rights.

The workers can do it, we can help!

In Solidarity,

Joseph Varga

Spokesperson, South Central Indiana Jobs with Justice